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Fuel oil is regularly transferred to the day tank in order to _____________.

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Clogged diesel engine fuel oil filters can cause __________,

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The microbiological growths that affect fuel supplies can easily be transported from one location to another by _________.

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Air in the fuel lines to the fuel injection nozzles of a diesel engine will result in _____________.

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When cleaning a duplex strainer, it is important for _____________.

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Fuel oil day tanks for diesel engines must be checked and cleaned at regular intervals in order to remove ___________.

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Which chemical listed is utilized to prevent and correct most microbial infections occurring within fuel storage systems?

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Which of the following statements describes the results of excessive microbiological growths within a fuel system?

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The metal edge type filters used in diesel engine fuel oil and lube oil systems are normally cleaned in place by _____________.

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An increased pressure differential between the inlet and outlet of a strainer usually indicates the strainer is _____________.

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The major cause of fuel pump and injection system problems is _____________.

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Proper housekeeping to prevent the formation of microbiological growths within a fuel system includes the prevention of water accumulations and the use of _______.

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Small amounts of moisture are necessary to trigger the growth of microbiological organisms found in some marine fuels. Some sources of water contamination are _________.

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The major cause of problems occurring with fuel injection equipment is _____________.

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Which of the following conditions is NOT an indication of microbial contamination of the fuel supply?

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