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Diesel engine injection lag is caused by _____________.

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Why are heavy fuels not usually prone to the problems of microbiological infection?

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Fuel oil having a low cetane rating could result in _______.

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A mixture of 45% cetane and 55% alpha-methyl-naphthalene is found to have the same ignition delay as a sample of diesel oil. The sample can be described as having a/an __________.

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If a diesel engine runs out of fuel, you can expect trouble from _____________.

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Fuel oil strainers should be made of ____________. I. copper II. brass

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The fuel oil strainers located in the fuel oil service system of an automatic auxiliary heating boiler are either the duplex type or the _______________.

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Which of the following statements is true concerning the cetane number of diesel fuel?

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Fuels as produced in a refinery are generally sterile, however, contamination can occur as fuels are ________.

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A substance found in residual fuels which tends to cause exhaust valve corrosion and grooving, is ____________.

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In order for microbiological growths to thrive in a fuel tank it is necessary for ________.

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The cetane number rates fuels for diesel engines according to its _____________.

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When fuel oil heaters are required for main engine operation, ____________.

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To prevent vibration damage to the fuel supply line of a diesel engine, you may use ____________.

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Injection lag in a diesel engine may be caused by _________.

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In diesel engineering practice, the term used to express the ignition quality of a particular fuel is _____________.

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Which of the listed factors will indicate the most about the ability of a fuel to ignite in a diesel engine?

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Which of the following statements is true concerning the cetane number rating of diesel fuel?

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The sludge tank installed in the diesel engine room is used to collect _____________. I. sludge from the fuel oil settling tanks and centrifuge II. water that has been collected in the settling tank.

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The ignition quality of a fuel oil is an important operational consideration because it _____________.

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One cause of diesel engine fuel ignition delay is _______.

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Piping from booster pumps to injection systems are to be at least ________.

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A dirty fuel oil filter element can be detected by ________.

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The cetane rating of diesel fuel is an indication of the ______________.

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Which of the substances listed is satisfactorily removed from the fuel by a centrifugal oil purifier?

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Automatically fired auxiliary boilers use fuel oil strainer arrangements of either the simplex type or _____________.

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Microbiological growths in marine fuel are a common occurrence that can be ________.

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The light and medium fuels utilized in internal combustion engines provide a source of ________.

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Which of the following statements describes the unchecked growth of microbiological organisms within a fuel system?

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The desirable properties of a marine fuel oil should include _____________.

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To minimize corrosion, fuel oil strainer disks, spacers and scraper blades are made of _____________.

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With respect to diesel fuel, the ease with which a cold engine will start is dependent upon the _____________.

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Most type(s) of microbiological growths in fuel are __________.

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Which of the following represents the significance the fuel oil cetane number?

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The growth rate of microbiological organisms as found in some fuel supplies will __________.

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Which of the following conditions is NOT an indication of microbial contamination?

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Proper filtering and straining of diesel fuel is important because the _____________.

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An indication of microbial contamination is ______.

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