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Which of the following devices is normally provided to prevent oil starvation in a diesel engine lubrication system utilizing the "full flow" principle?

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The highest indicated lube oil pressure in a diesel engine should be expected when the engine oil is ________.

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With respect to the flow of lubricating oil through a diesel engine, the lube oil coolers are located after filters in order to _____________.

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Mechanical lubricators for diesel engine cylinders are usually small reciprocating pumps which are _____________.

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Lube oil filters remove contaminants from oil more efficiently if the oil being filtered is _____________.

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A dirty lube oil strainer can result in _____________.

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Where may a strainer be located in a diesel engine lubricating oil system?

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Maximum lube system operating pressure for a diesel engine is normally regulated by a/an _____________.

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In a diesel engine, maximum lube oil system pressure isnormally controlled by _____________.

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Lube oil cannot be efficiently filtered if its ____________.

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Lubricating systems for diesel engines are usually designed to initially provide lube oil to the engine _____________.

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A diesel engine should use which type of lubricating oil?

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When fuel enters the crankcase of a diesel engine, it _____________.

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Lubricating oil systems for diesel engine journal bearings are usually lubricated by which of the following types of lubricating oil systems?

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A large, low-speed, crosshead, main propulsion diesel engine using residual fuel oils must have a cylinder oil having a ____________.

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Most large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engines use duplex lube oil strainer to _____________.

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The adverse effects of burning high sulphur fuel can be compensated for by using a cylinder oil having sufficient ________________.

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Lube oil in the fresh water cooling system of a diesel engine may result from a _____________.

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Which of the following devices controls the discharge flow rate of an attached, positive displacement, rotary gear, diesel engine, lube oil pump?

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A spring-loaded relief valve is located on some lube oil filters in full flow systems to _____________.

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A diesel engine exposed to widely varying ambient temperatures should use a lubricating oil with ____________.

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Which of the following characteristics of lube oil helps to reduce the amount of deposits in the piston ring belt during the combustion process in a diesel engine?

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For a continuous operation diesel engine, a duplex filter unit would be the best arrangement because _____________.

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Many lube oil filters have pressure gauges installed on both the inlet and outlet in order to indicate the pressure drop across the filter. In normal operation, the pressure drop will _____________.

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Lube oil filters remove contaminants more efficiently if the oil being filtered is _____________.

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Lubrication for the main reduction gears used with diesel engines is usually supplied by _____________.

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In a diesel engine, the function of lubrication oil is to provide _____________.

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The TBN value of diesel engine lube oil refers to its ability to _____________.

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Motor vessels usually have independent lube oil systems for main engine and main reduction gears because ______________.

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Which harmful consequence may be the result of lube oil sludge accumulation?

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Sludge formation in a diesel engine lube oil system is caused by ____________.

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A dirty fuel oil filter is can be detected by ________. I. fuel oil analysis II. observing the pressure drop across the filter

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Two important considerations for the proper lubrication ofa diesel engine include, the delivery of the oil insufficient amount, and the ____________.

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The thickness of the oil film to be developed in a diesel engine main bearing, depends upon the _____________.

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One advantage of vacuum feed type cylinder lubricators over the liquid sight glass type is ______________.

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Heat exchangers are most commonly found in a small auxiliary diesel engine ____________.

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The rate of cylinder lubricating oil metered to each cylinder of a large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine is ______________.

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The lube oil cooler is located after the lube oil filter in order for _____________.

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Which of the following statements is true concerning an oil cooler?

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Lubricating oil used in a diesel engine serves to _________.

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Which lubricating oil additive is used in diesel engines to reduce the tendency for sludge and varnish to form on the engine parts?

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The pressure differential across a diesel engine lube oil system duplex filter should be checked to _________.

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