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In a single acting, two-stroke/cycle, diesel generator engine, the power impulse in an individual cylinder occurs ____________.

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When may the crankcase ventilation pipes or oil drain pipes of two or more engines be connected?

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Shaker, circulation, and spray are the three general methods used in _____________.

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How many power strokes per crankshaft revolution are there in an eight cylinder, two-stroke/cycle diesel engine?

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In a large slow-speed propulsion diesel engine, the force applied to the crosshead is ______________.

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Turbulence in a diesel engine cylinder is of major importance in providing _____________.

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Diesel engine fuel oil leakage should be drained and additional precautions provided to __________.

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The small end of the connecting rod is attached to the piston with a _____________.

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Maximum power of a diesel engine is attained ____________.

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Which of the following statements concerning the factors affecting ignition delay is correct?

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The rotary motion of a diesel engine crankshaft is obtained from the up and down motion of the piston via the _________.

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A unit type fuel injector is used on a diesel engine to _____________.

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In a diesel engine, pistons are attached to the crankshaft by _____________.

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A diesel engine with a combustion chamber located between the crowns of two pistons is known as a/an _______________.

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The lower section of a piston is called the _____________.

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In a unit injector, an upper helix and lower helix are machined in the lower part of the plunger for _____________.

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Critical speeds occurring within the operating speed range of a main propulsion diesel engine may be changed, or have their damaging effects reduced by a/an _____________.

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Which characteristic of the Otto cycle occurs in the actual diesel cycle but NOT in the theoretical diesel cycle?

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Fuel is ignited in a diesel engine cylinder by ____________.

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The purpose of piston ring end clearance is to ____________.

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The theoretical minimum compression ratio necessary to ensure compression ignition in a direct injection diesel engine is _____________.

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Cylinder linings constructed as an integral part of the block, are characterized by which of the following disadvantages?

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In a unit injector the amount of fuel that will be forced through the spray nozzle on each stroke of the plunger depends on _____________.

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A method of finishing diesel engine cylinder walls to aid in the proper ring seating and lubrication is known as ____________.

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In a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine, the exhaust gases are expelled from the cylinder by the ______________.

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The purpose of compressing the air within the cylinder of a diesel engine is to __________.

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The two strokes of a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine are ____________.

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Explosion relief valves on diesel engine crankcases should relieve the pressure at not more than _________.

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The upper section of a piston is called the _____________.

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Diesel engine mufflers reduce noise by ______________.

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An individual injection pump is designed for variable beginning and constant ending of injection. For diesel engines operating at constant speeds, the start of injection will _____________.

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In a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine, the camshaft rotates at _____________.

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Injection pressure in a common rail fuel system is controlled by _____________.

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The most rapid period of fuel combustion in a diesel engine cylinder should begin just before the piston reaches top dead center and ____________.

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In a two-stroke/cycle, opposed piston, diesel engine, one crankshaft operates several crank angles in advance of the other crankshaft to _____________.

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Which of the bearing types listed is commonly used for main bearings in small internal combustion engines?

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A thrust bearing is used with a propulsion diesel engine to _____________.

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Fuel oil penetration into the cylinder of a diesel engine is _____________.

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Cylinder lubrication oil for low speed main propulsion diesel engines is admitted to each cylinder during _____________.

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The valve stem expansion associated with engine warm-up is allowed for by the ____________.

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Which of the air intake systems listed will result in the lowest specific fuel consumption?

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Many diesel engine exhaust valves are being constructed with hollow stems filled with sodium in order to _____________.

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Valve cages are used on some large diesel engines to _____________.

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Fuel oil discharged to the diesel engine cylinder is atomized at the _____________.

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The purpose of an interference angle in a diesel engineexhaust valve is to ________. I. work in conjunction with valve rotators to rotate the valve II. seat the valve quickly

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Combustion gases formed in the cylinder of a diesel engine are prevented from blowing past the piston by _____________.

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Vibrations from diesel engines and engine driven equipment are isolated from the hull structure by _____________.

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A large low-speed main propulsion engine must be operated with one cylinder secured. When the engine was stopped, the affected cylinder ended in a position preventing the engine from being restarted. Which of the following actions should be taken

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At dead center, the centerline of the connecting rod usually coincides with the _____________.

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The piston rod scraper box incorporated in a two-stroke/cycle, crosshead diesel engine serves to _____________.

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The bore of a diesel engine cylinder describes the ________.

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The term "proper metering", as applied to a diesel fuel injection system, can be best defined as _____________.

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The amount of fuel delivered by a helical plunger fuel injection pump is controlled by _____________.

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The power developed by a large slow-speed main propulsion diesel engine is dependent upon the ______________.

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The sealing surfaces of a diesel engine piston ring are considered to be the faces in contact with the cylinder wall, in addition to the ring groove ___________.

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Internal combustion engine crankcase vent outlets must be equipped with ______.

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The main purpose of the piston oil scraper rings is to _____________.

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Which of the following design features will reduce the possibility of overheating the top compression rings of a cast iron piston?

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To provide accessibility to the cylinder liners

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What is the purpose of a hydraulic tappet clearance adjuster?

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The purpose of the flywheel is to ______________.

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A diesel engine which is rated for normal operation at a crankshaft speed of 800 RPM, is commonly classed as a ____________.

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What is to be installed on an internal combustion engine if its cylinder bore exceeds 200mm?

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Directional intake ports in diesel engines are used to _____________.

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A diesel engine is driving an alternator required to run at1800 RPM. The overspeed governor is normally required tobe set within a range of ______________.

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Differential needle valves used in fuel injectors are directly closed by _____________.

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A piston is said to be at top dead center when it is ______.

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Which of the listed bearing types is an example of a solid bearing?

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Which of the following statements describes the operating characteristics of a precombustion chamber?

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The possibility of damage from operating a diesel engine at critical speeds is reduced by the use of ______________.

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The piston gudgeon pin used in some diesel engine pistons is prevented from contacting the cylinder wall by a __________.

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The intake valves in a diesel engine are reseated by _____________.

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How are the pressure and temperature affected in a diesel engine cylinder during compression?

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Where engine bores exceed 230 mm, a bursting disc or flame arrestor is fitted ____________.

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Proper dispersion of fuel in a diesel engine cylinder is dependent upon the _____________.

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The end of fuel injection in a port-and-helix metering pump can be controlled by _____________.

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Engines having a bore exceeding 250 mm, but not exceeding 300 mm are to have at least _________.

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A loop or cross scavenged engine utilizes the motion of its pistons and a turbocharger to provide scavenging air. Which of the listed mechanical designs prevents the air under the pistons from being pumped back through the scavenge ports during the piston

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One function of the fuel pump delivery check valve is to _____________.

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In diesel engines designed with a crosshead, the motion of the piston rod can be described as _____________.

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For a given fuel, a change in the compression ratio will affect the ignition lag by which of the listed means?

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Which of the following relationships should occur between the temperature developed in a combustion space, and the compression ratio of the engine?

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Oil control rings used in two-stroke/cycle diesel engines are located near the bottom of the piston skirt in order to _____________.

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What is the purpose of the "window" installed in the housing of an individual jerk pump?

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In a diesel engine, the contact surfaces of the piston compression rings are those in contact with the___________. I. back of the ring groove II. bottom of the ring groove

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A diesel engine exhaust valve spring is under compression when _____________.

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Camshafts are usually driven by timing gears or ___________.

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Precision engine bearing inserts are manufactured with a small portion of the bearing ends extending beyond the bearing housing or caps. The installation process of these bearings requires sufficient ________.

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Proper atomization of fuel in diesel engine combustion chambers will _____________.

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Piston cooling fins are located _____________.

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A large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine uses sea water to directly cool the _____________.

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Fuel injector nozzles are usually of the multi-orifice type with the number and placement of the holes arranged according to the _____________.

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A two stroke diesel engine exhaust temperaturewill be lower than a four stroke diesel engine of the same displacement because the ___________. I. scavenging air is cooling the exhaust gases II. exhaust cycle time is longer

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When comparing different fuels for different engines, the ignition quality of diesel fuel oils becomes a less critical consideration as ______________.

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Movement of the pump control rack in a fuel injection system using individual plunger-type pumps _____________.

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Which bearing half will receive the greatest load in a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine?

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Main propulsion diesel engines having a bore exceeding 300 mm are to have at least _________.

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One function of diesel engine lubricating oil is to _______.

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The bearings used to support the crankshaft are generally called __________.

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In a diesel engine, what is the advantage of precombustionchambers over the open type of combustion chamber? I. Precombustion chambers permit coarser fuel atomization. II. Precombustion chambers allow lower fuel injection pressure.

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Why is it necessary to compress the air charge in the cylinders of a diesel engine?

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One method of constructing large marine diesel engines and reducing the total engine frame weight is through ____________.

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Piston compression rings used in a diesel engine function to _____________.

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The driving force of a propeller is transmitted to the hull through the_____________.

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What is the function of an engine's stationary parts?

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The proper location for journal bearing oil grooves is _______________.

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A characteristic of a bearing material which permits small dirt particles to become embedded in it's surface is ________________.

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A built-up exhaust valve is one in which _____________.

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Diesel engine piston ring gaps can be straight or angle cut. In comparison, the angle cut ring ____________.

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The exhaust gases in a supercharged two-stroke/cycle diesel engine are expelled from the cylinder by __________.

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The purpose of an oil mist detector in a main propulsion diesel engine is to warn of ____________.

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Which of the listed design features is most common to a two-stroke/cycle low-speed main propulsion diesel engines?

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The lower water seal on a diesel engine wet cylinder liner must allow for liner axial movement. This seal is most commonly a _____________.

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One advantage of dry cylinder liners used in a diesel engine is the _____________.

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The device most commonly used to measure exhaust gas temperature of cyclinders is a _____________.

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The "breaking-up" of fuel as it enters a diesel engine cylinder is known as _____________.

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The most important factor in engine performance is the actual power output at the end of the crankshaft available for doing work. This is known as _____________.

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If the compression ratio is increased on any diesel engine, _____________.

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The fuel injection pumps on a diesel engine are controlled by a linkage system attached to the _____________.

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Which of the equal power diesel engines listed, running at the same speed, is least affected by exhaust back pressure?

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On most modern diesel engines, the main and connecting rod bearings receive their lubricating oil by ____________.

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Which of the listed designs is effectively used to provide the turbulence necessary for proper combustion in a diesel engine cylinder?

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A dry-type spark arrestor removes sparks from a diesel engine exhaust by _____________.

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Which of the following manufacturing methods is recommended for diesel engine fuel injection line piping?

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How are hydraulic tappet clearance adjusters on diesel engine rocker arm assemblies lubricated?

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Which of the fuel systems listed combines the injection pump and the injection nozzle in one housing?

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In an opposed piston engine, the term "crank lead" refers to _____________.

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What is the term given to the process of breaking up fuel oil into very fine particles for better combustion?

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Which term describes piston pins having bearing surfaces in both the piston bosses and connecting rod eye?

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Engine displacement is equal to the cylinder _____________.

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A controllable pitch propeller on a diesel driven vessel eliminates the need for ____________.

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The camshaft drive is designed to maintain proper camshaft speed relative to crankshaft speed. In maintaining this relationship, the camshaft drive causes the camshaft to rotate at _____________.

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Using a diesel engine indicator P-V diagram, the cylinder mean effective pressure is calculated to be 21.3 kg/cm2. What is the scale of the spring used on the indicator if the diagram area is 18.46 cm2 with a length of 13 cm?

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Injectors for use with heavy fuel oil must be cooled by either water or light oil to _____________.

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In an operating diesel engine, the sealing of the cylinder is the result of the compression rings being forced against the cylinder walls by _____________.

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Theoretical perfect combustion in a diesel engine yields by-products of _____________.

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Fuel supplied by each unit injector on a two-stroke/cycle single acting diesel engine is directed into each cylinder at a very high pressure through the ____________.

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A main propulsion diesel engine crankshaft bearing lacking sufficient "crush", will _____________.

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In a large, slow-speed, main propulsion diesel engine, which of the parts listed is under tension when the engine is running?

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Telescopic pipes to the piston of a large slow-speed main propulsion diesel engine are designed to prevent __________.

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What is the metric brake horse power developed per cylinder by an 83% efficient, six cylinder, two-stroke/cycle diesel engine with a cylinder constant of 0.998 and a mean effective pressure of 15 kg/cm2 at 100 RPM?

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An important design characteristic of an explosion relief valve for a diesel engine is the ability to _________.

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Exhaust gases in a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine are discharged through _____________.

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Opposed piston diesel engines are classified as __________.

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The amount of fuel delivered by a unit injector is controlled by the _____________.

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The plunger in a jerk pump is rotated until the release port is uncovered. If the port remains uncovered all of the time, which of the listed operations will occur?

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Injection lag can be caused by ____________.

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In a diesel engine, exhaust valves open before the intakeports are uncovered to ___________. I. reduce pumping losses II. reduce back pressure

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Most fuel injection nozzles are opened by _____________.

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Which of the following statements is an accurate description of fuel injection piping used on diesel engines with a cylinder bore of 250 mm and above?

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Which of the events listed does NOT occur during the instant the piston just reaches top dead center?

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Which of the following statements represents the function of the compression rings installed at the top of a diesel engine piston?

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Between the periods of injection and ignition of the fuel, a diesel engine crankshaft rotates through the ____________.

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Regarding a Diesel engine crankcase, the general arrangement and installation should preclude the possibility of ________.

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Differential type fuel oil nozzles in a diesel engine areclosed directly by _____________. I. spring pressure II. fuel oil pressure

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Lubricating oil is supplied to the crankpin bearings in a marine diesel engine by _____________.

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Which of the following statements concerning fuel atomization in a diesel engine cylinder is correct?

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The compression ratio of a diesel engine refers to the ratio between the _______________.

159 / 377

Fuel injectors used in heavy fuel oil systems are usually provided with cooling to reduce _____________.

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A seven cylinder, 2-stroke/cycle, single acting diesel engine has a 750 mm bore and a 2000 mm stroke. What indicated power will be developed if the average mean effective pressure is 14.8 kg/cm2 at a speed of 96 RPM?

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Diesel engines are classified as reciprocating internal combustion engines because they ______________.

162 / 377

The greatest turbulence in a diesel engine cylinder is created by the _____________.

163 / 377

A diesel engine piston ring face is in direct contact with the _____________.

164 / 377

The primary purpose of oil control rings on a diesel engine piston is to _____________.

165 / 377

A diesel engine with a full speed of 1000 RPM drives a propeller at 300 RPM. What is the speed reduction ratio?

166 / 377

The ratio of the brake horsepower to the indicated horsepower of a diesel engine is its ______________.

167 / 377

Modern marine diesel engines equipped with mechanical fuel injection operate on a combustion phase within the cycle which is _________.

168 / 377

In a diesel engine, crosshatch on the liner surface aids in___________.I. rapid ring seating II. the retention of lube oil

169 / 377

Many cast iron pistons are designed with heat dams, which serve to _____________.

170 / 377

In diesel engines, hydraulic valve lifters are used to ____________.

171 / 377

Connecting rods in a diesel engine are used to connect the _____________.

172 / 377

Turbulence in the cylinder of a two-stroke/cycle main propulsion diesel engine is mainly created by _____________.

173 / 377

In which of the scavenging methods listed will the exhaust valve be located in the cylinder head?

174 / 377

For any piston ring to operate smoothly without scuffing, the ring must be _____________.

175 / 377

The amount of fuel injected into a diesel engine cylinder by a unit injector, is controlled by _____________.

176 / 377

Diesel engine valve springs function to _____________.

177 / 377

Fuel is admitted to a diesel engine cylinder through the _____________.

178 / 377

A port-and-helix fuel injection pump having upper and lower plunger helixes is designed to _____________.

179 / 377

In the cylinder head of a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine, valves are used for _____________.

180 / 377

Which of the following listed construction details of internal combustion engines is required?

181 / 377

The crankcase of many diesel engines are kept under a slight vacuum by the ______________.

182 / 377

Increasing the load on an engine using a double-helix type injection pump varies the effective stroke of the pump to start _____________.

183 / 377

The purpose of a heat dam used in some diesel engine cast iron pistons is to ____________.

184 / 377

What is required for crosshead type engines that have a scavenging space in open connection to the cylinder?

185 / 377

What is the swept volume per cylinder per revolution of a six-cylinder, two-stroke/cycle diesel engine with a 580 mm bore and a 1700 mm stroke operating at 100 RPM?

186 / 377

The intake air ducting to a diesel engine should not draw from an area on deck where flammable vapors released from tanks are present, because ____________.

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Which of the following statements pertains to propulsion engines with bores exceeding 200 mm?

188 / 377

Provision is to be made for ventilation of an enclosed diesel engine crankcase by means of a small ________.

189 / 377

Diesel engine mufflers or silencers reduce the engine exhaust noise by ________________.

190 / 377

Which of the components listed is NOT found in a single acting engine?

191 / 377

Thin bronze rings are inserted in the face of some chromium plated piston rings to _____________.

192 / 377

Diesel engine main and connecting rod precision bearings are made in halves. Each half exceeds one-half the bearing circumference by a small amount. The small amount is termed _____________.

193 / 377

Which of the listed conditions will affect the mean effective pressure the most in the cylinders of a diesel engine?

194 / 377

In the Otto cycle, the fuel/air mixture is ignited at what point and by what means?

195 / 377

In a diesel engine, the time taken to heat the fuel particles, turn them into vapor, and bring about combustion is called _____________.

196 / 377

The opening of an exhaust valve on a modern, large, low- speed, main propulsion diesel engine, may be actuated by _____________.

197 / 377

Which of the listed bearing installations is subjected to swinging motion?

198 / 377

Cylinders diameters greater than 230 mm require additional safety devices when the scavenging spaces are openly connected to the cylinders. Which of the following devices will be used to protect such spaces?

199 / 377

The main function of piston compression rings is to _______.

200 / 377

In a diesel engine, after ignition of the fuel occurs, but before the piston reaches TDC, there is little change in the cylinder _____________.

201 / 377

When monitoring diesel engine performance, the most useful instrument to use is the _____________.

202 / 377

Fuel injection pumps using the port and helix metering principle requires the use of a ___________.

203 / 377

In a diesel engine, the time period between fuel injection and ignition is usually defined as _____________.

204 / 377

What function is provided by the crankcase ventilation system on some diesel engines?

205 / 377

The average pressure exerted on a piston during each power stroke is termed _____________.

206 / 377

Where is the charge for an air starting system stored?

207 / 377

For a given size engine, the two-stroke/cycle diesel engine will deliver more power than a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine because ____________.

208 / 377

An indicator card or pressure-volume diagram, shows graphically the ____________.

209 / 377

Some fuel injection systems utilize port-and-helix metering. Which of the following statement describes a system "timed for port closing"?

210 / 377

The cylinder liner forming the cylinder wall and the inside of the water jacket is called a _____________.

211 / 377

Which of the following statements describes a fuel injection pump marked "timed for port closing"?

212 / 377

A multi-orifice fuel injection nozzle is usually used with which of the listed types of combustion chamber?

213 / 377

The rate of fuel injection in a diesel engine cylinder depends primarily on _____________.

214 / 377

In diesel engines, the four basic events (intake, compression, power and exhaust) are performed once in _______________.

215 / 377

Turbulence is created in the cylinders of a diesel engine to _____________.

216 / 377

Where is the fuel delivery check valve located in a jerk pump fuel injection system?

217 / 377

The arrangement and shape of the cams on a diesel engine camshaft directly control which of the listed groups of operating conditions?

218 / 377

For diesel engine piston cooling, lubricating oil can be supplied to the pistons by a/an ____________.

219 / 377

One end of a diesel engine cylinder is sealed by the cylinder head and the other end by the _____________.

220 / 377

In an internal combustion engine, which of the devices listed will force the compression rings to seal the compression gases in the space above the piston?

221 / 377

The exhaust system for a diesel engine is usually designed to remove exhaust gases and to _____________.

222 / 377

The method of piston cooling in which oil is delivered through the connecting rod to a compartment within the piston, then distributed by the motion of the pistons, and allowed to drain to the crankcase via one or more holes or pipes, is termed ________

223 / 377

Many diesel engines have pistons with concave heads to _____________.

224 / 377

Which of the fuel injection systems listed uses a spring loaded differential spray needle valve and an individual pump for each cylinder?

225 / 377

Piston cooling fins are located _____________.

226 / 377

In an opposed piston engine, which of the following events would happen if the lower crank lead were reduced from 12‚ to 0‚?

227 / 377

gudgeonpin bearings are difficult to lubricate because of their oscillating motion and _____________.

228 / 377

The primary function of a fuel delivery check valve assembly is to _____________.

229 / 377

Exhaust gas pyrometers are useful for ____________.

230 / 377

A crankshaft whose center of gravity coincides with its center line is said to be __________. I. staticly balanced II. dynamically balanced

231 / 377

Which of the devices listed is installed on a diesel engine to isolate some of the crankshaft vibrations caused by rotational and reciprocating forces?

232 / 377

In a diesel engine mechanical-type fuel pump, the delivery check valve is opened by ____________.