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Which of the types of motors listed is used in a hydraulic starter?

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Starting aids such as glow plugs, are installed on _____.

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The reversing mechanism on a direct reversing large low-speed main propulsion diesel engine, operated by means of oil pressure, can serve to _____________.

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A six-cylinder, four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is fitted with a rotary distributor type air starting system. The speed of the rotating distributor disc is _____________.

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In an operating diesel engine, which of the following conditions is
an indication of a leaking air starting valve?

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Cold weather starting of a diesel engine is more difficult than warm weather starting due to _____________.

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Air receivers installed in starting air systems are to be ________.

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In the starting process of a diesel engine, the main object is to attain the compression conditions sufficient to ______________.

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Improper seating of an air starting check valve in an operating diesel engine is indicated by _____________.

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If a diesel engine starts firing, but is unable to come up to normal speed, either without load or even under a small load, the cause may be ______________.

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A diesel engine may be hard to start if the _____________.

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The total starting air capacity required for reversible main engines is to be sufficient for a least __________.

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The minimum speed an engine must attain before ignition can occur depends upon __________.

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If cranking a diesel engine is too slow while attempting to start, it will
result in _____________.

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Which of the listed items should be secured before performing any maintenance on a solenoid operated air start valve?

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A pilot-operated, main air starting valve begins leaking in one cylinder while the engine is operating. This malfunction is indicated by ____________.

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In a starting motor equipped with a Bendix drive, the pinion moves
and meshes with the flywheel ring gear due to __________.

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Auxiliary diesel engine electric starting motors use ____________.

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Air motors used for starting some auxiliary diesel engines are generally the type known as a/an ____________.

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Two air compressors are provided for the starting air system and
should be capable of ______.

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Starting a large propulsion diesel engine using diesel fuel during cold weather conditions can be made easier by ______.

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The timing of diesel engine air starting valves is controlled by

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If a hydraulic starting motor turns, but the diesel engine does not, the most likely cause is ____________.

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When starting a diesel engine at temperatures below 20°C, the frictional resistance to turning will be _____________.

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When the quick acting valve to admit starting air to an air start motor is activated, the valve should be opened rapidly to ____________.

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In a medium-speed marine propulsion engine equipped with direct
air starting valves, the cylinders without air starting valves fire first
because the ____________.

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Where engine bores exceed 230 mm, a bursting disc or flame arrester is to be fitted ___________.

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During extremely cold weather, while starting an engine, it turns too slowly and fails to start. This problem is most likely the result of ____________.

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A diesel engine is turned at normal cranking speed, but fails to fire. This can occur from _____________.

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What preventative maintenance should be done frequently to diesel engine starting air receivers?

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In a hydraulic starting system, oil to the starting motor flows from the _____________.

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Hydraulic starters are installed on many lifeboat diesel engines instead of comparable air start systems, because ____________.

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A diesel engine may fail to start when being cranked, due to _____________.

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After changing out the fuel filters the diesel engine fails to restart. The most probable cause for this condition is a/an ____________.

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A bendix drive starting motor disengages the drive gear from the flywheel by ______________.

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An eight cylinder, air started, two-stroke/cycle direct reversing, marine diesel engine can be started from any crankshaft position only if it has ____________.

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Which of the listed diesel engine starting systems is most susceptible to difficulties in cold weather?

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When an air started, four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is being cranked, the starting air is admitted to each cylinder during what would normally be the _____________.

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A ship is propelled by a direct reversing large, slow-speed, diesel engine. One step in reversing the direction of propeller rotation for this vessel is by ______________.

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What may be used to protect starting air mains against explosions arising from improperly functioning starting valves?

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Before any diesel engine hydraulic starting system is opened for servicing or repair, you must _____________.

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An accumulator used in a hydraulic starting system is generally
located between the _____________.

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When attempting to start a main propulsion diesel engine, the engine turns at the proper speed but will not start. You should check the _____________.

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The pinion of an electric starting motor used with a diesel engine
engages the flywheel ring gear by a/an ____________.

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Vessels having main engines arranged for air starting are to be provided with at least _________.

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If a diesel engine fails to start, one of the likely causes is _____________.

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The starting air supply for a diesel engine is generally produced by a/an _____________.

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During maneuvering operations for a direct reversing large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine, which of the following actions is used to stop the shaft from turning prior to reversing the engine rotation?

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When starting air is admitted, a diesel engine turns over very slowly without firing. The cause may be ______________.

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The pilot valves in an air pilot starting system for a two-stroke/cycle, direct-reversing, main propulsion diesel engine are operated by either a ported distributor disc or a/an _____________.

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If a diesel engine rotates slowly when cranked, but does not fire, the ___________________.

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In addition to a main engine driven starting air compressor, another air compressor, driven by a separate power source, is installed to _____________.

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On a diesel engine, using a distributer type air startingsystem, that is not running, which of the following methods may be used to detect leaking air starting valves?

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Which of the following methods is used to prevent throttling of compressed air through the diesel engine air starting valves?

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The total air capacity for non-reversible main engines is to be sufficient for _______.

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A diesel engine electric starting motor is operated under a no-load condition. Continuing to operate the motor unloaded will _______________.

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If an auxiliary diesel engine equipped with an electric starting system cranks very slowly after repeated attempts to start, the cause could be a/an ____________.

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Starting systems for large, low-speed, direct reversing, main propulsion diesel engines are usually _____________.

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A two-stroke/cycle diesel engine requires less starting air than a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine, of equal displacement, because the two-stroke/cycle diesel engine _____________.

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Starting air valves are held firmly on their seats by ____________.

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If control air systems are supplied from starting air receivers, the capacity of the receivers should be sufficient _________.

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While underway, which of the following would be the FIRST step in reversing a direct reversing large, low-speed, main propulsion, diesel engine?

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Which of the listed types of starting systems is often used on large,
low-speed, direct reversing, main propulsion diesel engines?

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If a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is started by injecting air into the cylinders, the pistons receiving the charge of starting air must be _____________.

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Each receiver in a starting air system which can be isolated from a relief valve _______________.

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A four-stroke/cycle, 1000 horsepower diesel engine fails to start at normal cranking speed with normal fuel pressure and ambient temperature. The reason for the failure could be _______________.

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A diesel engine may fail to start due to _____________.

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Diesel engine air start system check valves are opened by _____________.

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The device used to store a charged pressure for an hydraulic
starting system is called the _____________.

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A large two-stroke/cycle direct reversing diesel engine is to be
reversed. Prior to the admission of starting air you must

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Which of the routine maintenance procedures listed is required for starting air receivers?

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An auxiliary diesel engine may fail to start due to _____________.

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Fluid type starting motors used for starting auxiliary diesel engines may either be of the piston type or the _____________.

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Which of the following problems can occur if you continually fail to drain off condensate from a starting air receiver?

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Intercoolers installed on starting air compressors, reduce the possibility of ________________.

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If the diesel engine starter-drive mechanism fails to disengage after the engine starts, which of the following situations will occur?

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