Candidate Name: Mr. Shivang B Dave.           Place: Aberdeen                         Examiner Name: Mr. Abu Mamun,                                                                      Date: 22/11/2016

  • Checked Documents and asked about types of vessel I have sailed on.
  • You are in control room, 4th engineer comes to you and says that economiser outlet temperature is increasing abnormally. As a 2nd Engineer what will you do?
  • There are numbers of jobs to be carried out in the scenario mentioned above. Does 2nd engineer alone do all these? He wanted to know about delegating the jobs and before that carrying out the toolbox meeting.
  • You started the. A/E but, the RPM is not stable, what can be the cause? (Air / water trapped in F.O.)
  • What if viscosity is too low, since I mentioned improper viscosity? (Leakage between fuel plunger and barrel & between injector needle and body.)
  • A/E started, all parameters on the engine side are normal; but Generator is not coming on load. Why?
  • Safety devises on switchboard.
  • No voltage found when A/E started, why?
  • Sketch and describe AVR Circuit.
  •  Economiser fire is still going on and now it is out of control.
  • I said that can’t apply water directly on metal fire and talked about hydrogen fire for a while.
  • I said in such case I have to operate fixed firefighting system. So asked about firefighting system on my ship and explain. Had to explain both CO2 and Foam since I sailed with both systems.
  • Precautions before operating CO2 system.
  • You are in engine room and suddenly CO2 alarm goes on, what will you do? (EEBD and emergency exit.)
  • What is difference between EEBD and SCBA?
  • How to use EEBD?
  • What checks you carry out on SCBA?
  • Sketch block diagram and explain how emergency generator comes on load on auto?
  • What are the regulations regarding Emg. Generator and in which convention you find it? (SOLAs)
  • How will you make sure the Emg. Generator will supply power for minimum of 18 hrs? (routine checks and maintenance)
  • When and how will you enter E/R once you have operated CO2 system?
  • What is multi gas detector and which gas you are looking for?
  • Limit value of all gases.
  • Difference between HC and H2S.
  • How to put E/R back to service?
  • How will you cut off the economiser?
  • Company asks you to go to dry dock, how will you prepare E/R for dry docking?
  • What all checks you carry out on Rudder, Propeller and stern tube?
  • Sketch a diagram showing rudder, propeller and stern tube of the vessel. (Naval Arch.)
  • How do you check watertight integrity of rudder and how much pressure are you going to apply during this test?
  • How much the jumping and wear down clearances should be?


Examiner had poker face trough out the exam. It makes you horribly uncomfortable when you talk for half an hour about something and at last you don’t know if he has got what he wanted. He keeps on taking notes about the answers given and at last brings back the whole list all together where he did not get satisfying answer. Gives you one more try and he also try and dig out the answer from your mind.

Keeping ahead of covid-19

This rapidly evolving coronavirus (covid-19) has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. While the team here at THE MARINE TECK still aims to maintain a “business as usual” approach, we are making a number of significant changes to our operation to account for a situation that is far from normal.

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