ORAL BY Neil smith

Sachin Garde

Examiner:- Neil smith/ Ian bell                                                      Result:- Pass

  1. Timing diagram for 2-stroke engine draw and explain.
  2. How will you know engine performing good.
  3. Can you draw a normal draw card.
  4. What problem can come which
  5. On the same normal draw card can you draw late injection, Explain.
  6. Causes of late injection.
  7. Fuel quality testing & reports content.
  8. Cat fines – what are they, How does it affect engine? How will you remove.
  9. Vanadium – problem associated with it.
  10. Hot corrosion, Cold corrosion.
  11. Cylinder line inspection.
  12. Aux engine piston kept in workshop, Do an inspection from top to bottom.
  13. Piston ring clear an us & measurements.
  14. How will you measure butt clearance.
  15. Bearing inspection, can rod bolts inspection.
  16.  What will you do if can rod butt are fine but running hour are more.
  17. DOL starter draw & explain.
  18. Fuse and OCR.
  19. Intrinsically safe light, Flame proof.
  20. Fuel oil tank inspection (enclosed space entry in detail)
  21. Co2  system draw & explain (other quantity related to Co2)
  22. Lube oil properties
  23. Stuffing box functions
  24. Cleaver leafing
  25. Fuel pump timing check 25 engine
  26. Problem with fuel pump
  27. Hest of certificate onboard.

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