ORAL BY Tony Skeet’s

Candidate: Jeremy McLachlan                                                             Carnival UK                                                                                                                                                                                     4 stroke, diesel electric                                                                                  Class2 Unlimited Motor                                                                                                                                10th April 2017                                                                                                                                  Duration: Approx. 1 hour               

BelfastMCAoffice                                                                                                                                                               Examiner: Tony Skeet’s                                                                                                                                                                 Result: PASS

Second Engineers Oral Exam Questions;

You join a new ship as second engineer (referring to a cargo vessel, would be a 1st engineer on my cruise ships), what do you check and ask during your handover?

Your ships operates in and out of ECA (Emission Control Area). What are the sulphur limits? Are the limits different in the. US waters?

Draw and explain a two stroke timing diagram.

How do you take, draw and power  cards? You take them electronically, how do you take them?                  What does the Diesel Doctor need to take a draw card?                                                                                                                          (Getting to a speed, pickup/tachometer).                                                                                                                                Draw and explain a draw card and a power card (2 stroke). Can you draw and explain late injection?

Do you have equipment or methods installed on your ship to reduce Nox and Sox? Explain how the systems operate and reduce emissions. Do they have any safety features? (Water emulsification and open loop exhaust scrubber system).

When you take fuel bunkers and you receive the Bunker Delivery Note, what details do you check and why? (Examiner Interested in Marpol Annex 6 regulations).

What can cause high exhaust temperatures? what can high exhaust temperatures cause? (Looking for overheated and cracked cylinder heads). If all the engine units are effected (high exhaust temperature), what could the cause be? If only one or a few units are effected, what could the cause be?

What problems can high exhaust temperatures lead to?                                                                                                  You have a main engine with high exhaust temperatures and you notice the economizer temperatures starts to rise. You see sparks coming from the funnel from the camera. What do you do and why?

You join a new ship which has no official “Safety Management System” set up. Explain how you would set it up. What certificates do you need to obtain and check?

On the ship you have joined with no SMS, explain how you would familiarize and train ships personnel in the use of Water Tight Doors. (Explain the classes, operational procedures, operation methods and regulations).

On this ship you see: defective watertight doors, limit/proximity switches held in place by cable ties and ship personal bypassing limit/proximity switches what would you do?

What is an high voltage system and why do you use this type of system?

What fire fighting systems do you have onboard the Queen Victoria? How does your HI FOG system work? (HI FOG, CO2, SW Fire main hydrants, Bilge foam injection)

You are on watch and the fire alarm in the engine room goes off. Your Motorman reports the aft auxiliary boiler burner is on fire. What do you do? You check the situation in the engine room cameras; you see the HI FOG head above the bunker has not releasing water/water mist.                                                          Do you live test your HI FOG system? What do you look for? (The examiner was getting to the problem of blocked HI FOG heads, a recent problem on ships)

Your 4th engineer comes to report a fire pump not working and the shaft is not rotating What checks do you ask him to carry out?

The ship has minimum manning with no electrical engineers onboard how would you electrically, test the pump motor? What are you looking for?                                                                                                              (Looking for a single phasing electric motor).

You are on your ship (Queen Victoria), what parameters on the pods are checked during watch keeping? What planned maintenance is carried out of your pods? Any common faults?                                                  Your monthly oil tests (carried out by external company, ABB), what do you look for in the results and why

How are the Pod thrust and propeller bearing oil cooled? Draw the Cooling System for a pod bearing oil.

The examiner pointed to the three way control valve, How is this controlled? What type of control system is used?

On a Cruise ship you will have a large Sewage system to manage the waste of the ships company and the passengers. Draw and explain your system? (Membrane Bio Reactor)                                                                One MBR is shut down for an internal inspection. Explain enclosed space entry procedures. Safety requirements?

The Examiner explained that he preferred asking questions about his recent findings on ships he had inspected.

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